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miss shawna
19 May 1988
I don't use Livejournal anymore except for reading a few communities.

hi. my name is shawna. i am twenty-three years old. i have been collecting hello kitty since childhood. i love anything cute, pink, and girly. i enjoy going to raves. i have a bunny named muffin. my birthday is may 19, making me a taurus. i love adventure and new experiences. i am currently going to school for web design. i've been on livejournal for seven years and had many journals over that time period.

hello kitty, unicorns, hoop dance, rainbows, pandas, robots, art, kitties, bunnies, cupcakes, hair dye, makeup, fashion, japanese street fashion, japanese culture, sushi, glitter, raves, san-x, sanrio, chinese food, marijuana, rainbow brite, candy, animal print, video games, my little pony, sex, body modification, arizona green tea, travel, strawberries, vodka, texting, astrology, staying up all night, loud bass, being completely ridiculous.

1200 mics, amy winehouse, angerfist, aphex twin, blumchen, bright eyes, crystal castles, death cab for cutie, dog fashion disco, the dresden dolls, elliott smith, fiona apple, florence + the machine, infected mushroom, lady gaga, m.i.a., the mars volta, mgmt, modest mouse, otto von schirach, polkadot cadaver, portishead, the postal service, radiohead, rilo kiley, scott brown, sharpnel sound, she & him, the smashing pumpkins, three 6 mafia, venetian snares.

groove, wristcutters, wall-e, rocky horror picture show, party monster, requiem for a dream, the harry potter movies, fear and loathing in las vegas, spice world, alice in wonderland, girl interrupted, gummo, edward scissorhands, the nightmare before christmas, beauty and the beast, moulin rouge, my neighbor totoro, the animatrix, waking life.

america's next top model, weeds, sex & the city, girls next door, good eats, tim & eric awesome show, great job!, ninja warrior, it's always sunny in philadelphia, futurama, family guy, sealab 2021.

fear and loathing in las vegas by hunter s. thompson, the harry potter books by j.k. rowling, disco bloodbath by james st. james, tripping by charles hayes, white oleander & paint it black by janet fitch, francesca lia block's books, invisible monsters by chuck palahniuk, like the red panda by andrea seigal, the great gatsby by f. scott fitzgerald.

myspace; stickam; 43 things; twitter; listography; tumblr; we heart it; last.fm.

my journal is friends only. please comment and add me first! i will most likely add you back. i like having friends who update & comment frequently. i'm not really interested in making friends with anyone under the age of 18, or people who i don't have anything in common with.
420, adderall, alcohol, alice in wonderland, amphetamines, amy winehouse, andy warhol, angerfist, aphex twin, art, astrology, audrey hepburn, beauty, big cities, blumchen, blunts, body modification, bows, breakcore, breakfast at tiffany's, bunnies, candy, cascada, cats, chinese food, colorful hair, cotton candy, creativity, cupcakes, cute things, dancing, death cab for cutie, dog fashion disco, dreaming, drum & bass, dubstep, ecstasy, edie sedgwick, electronic music, elliott smith, faeries, fashion, fiona apple, francesca lia block, gabber, glitter, gloomy bear, godsgirls, green tea, halloween, happy hardcore, hard house, hardcore, hardstyle, harry potter, hearts, hello kitty, hippies, hoop dance, hooping, hula hooping, infected mushroom, japan, japanese street fashion, johnny depp, junko mizuno, kandi, katamari, knee socks, lady gaga, leopard print, lolita fashion, lollipops, love, m.i.a., makeup, mamegoma, marijuana, marilyn monroe, mario party, mdma, mermaids, mindless self indulgence, modest mouse, my little pony, my neighbor totoro, neopets, nightmare before christmas, nintendo, no doubt, nyan nyan nyanko, pandapple, pandas, paradise kiss, paris hilton, party monster, peace, photography, piercings, pink, playboy, plur, portishead, psytrance, punk, rainbows, raves, reading, robots, rotterdam terror corps, san-x, sanrio, scott brown, sex, sharpnel sound, silent hill, smashing pumpkins, space, speedcore, spice girls, stars, strawberries, stripes, sublime, sushi, tattoos, the 1950s, the 1960s, the beatles, the dresden dolls, the postal service, the sims 2, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tiger army, tim burton, tokidoki, unicorns, venetian snares, video games, vodka, web design, xiu xiu, zebra print